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robi LG Bonus offer

​ Date of Launch:  24th June, 2016
Campaign Offer: 
Handset modelsOfferDetailsTotal in 6 monthsTotal in 12 months
LG-K7Local minutes250min/month1500min3000min
Data (GB)2GB/month12GB24GB

Handset modelsOfferDetailsTotal in 6 monthsTotal in 12 months
LG-K10Local minutes350min/month2100min4200min
Data (GB)2GB/month12GB24GB

Handset modelsOfferDetailsTotal in 6 monthsTotal in 12 months
LG-Class100Local minutes400min/month2400min
Data (GB)3GB/month18GB36GB

Handset modelsOfferDetailsTotal in 6 monthsTotal in 12 months
LG-G5Local minutes900min/month5400min
Data (GB)5GB/month30GB60GB
Handset feature:
LG K7LG K10LG Class100LG G5
  • Screen: 5inch IPS
  • Processor 1.3 GHz Quad-core
  • Camera :  8MP+5MP
  • RAM+ROM : 1GB+8GB
  • Battery : 2125mAh
  • Screen :5.3inch IPS HD
  • Processor : 1.3 GHz Quad core
  • Camera : 8MP+5MP
  • RAM+ROM : 1.5GB+8GB
  • Battery : 2300mAh
  • Screen : 5inch IPS
  • Processor : 1.2 GHz Quad core
  • Camera : 13MP+8MP
  • RAM+ROM :1.5GB+ 16GB
  • Battery : 2050mAh
  • Screen : 5.3inch IPS HD
  • Processor ; 1.3 GHz Quad core
  • Camera : 16MP+8MP
  • RAM+ROM : 4GB+32GB
  • Battery : 2800mAh
Handsets EMI detail:
ModelTotal Bundle Price for 6 monthEMI  for 6 monthBundle Price for 
12 month
EMI  for 12  month
LG- K7121002,017135001125
LG- Class 100242304038265602213
**Pls note that Hire Purchase can be avail only through cash. 
Terms & Condition
  • All Existing & New Pre-paid Mass , Post-Paid & SME  (Except PCO & easy load) subscribers are eligible for this offer
  • Bonus will disburse within 72hrs for both Prepaid & Post-paid after purchasing a specific package
  • Win-back (in active subscriber from 180 days) will need to reactivate the connection prior to sign the contact. 
  • Multiple MSISDN & IMEI or vice versa tagging will not be considered
  • Bonus minutes will be applicable only for local calls.
  • Calling to any CUG number from SME/prepaid connection will be charged as per existing tariff plan
  • After consumption of bundle Minutes, package wise regular tariff will be applicable
  • Upon data volume expiry the subscriber will be charged on PPU at  BDT 1 /1MB
  • For Pre-paid, 10 sec pulse applicable for bonus minutes.
  • For Post-paid, Package wise pulse is applicable for bonus minutes.
  • Unused bonus amount minutes & data will not carry forward
  • Bonus minutes can’t be used in short code.
  • Bonus minutes can’t be used for IDD calls.
  • Bonus minute cannot be transferred through balance transfer.
  • Package wise all other tariffs/benefits will remain unchanged.
  • Both Robi & Symphony reserve the right to finalize the eligibility 
  • To check local minutes:  *222*8#, internet: *8444*88#
Bundle availability
  • LG-Butterfly outlets only
  • 1 year standard warranty applicable for handset

  • What is the offer?
  • Enjoy Robi Bonus with LG smart phone  

  • What would be the tariff plan?
  • Existing product tariff plan of subscriber

  • What is bonus validity period?
  • 30 days

  • If I migrate to any other Price plan/package, am I eligible to use the bundle?
  • Yes

  • Where the handsets are available?
  • The handsets are available in LG-Butterfly outlets only

  • Can I buy the handset bundle through Credit Card?
  • No, you can’t buy handset bundle with credit cards

  • Is there any EMI facility available?
  • Yes, 6/12month EMI under Hire purchase Scheme

  • Validity of offer
  • The offer will be continued for 90 days or, until the stock lasts


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